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ColSeal SE1000

The Colpac SE1000 sealing machine system is designed specifically for larger delicatessen sandwich manufacturers. The Colpac SE1000 sealing machine is built to seal lid attached cardboard sandwich skillet. This efficient sealer and conveyor enables operators to quickly and effectively use within your production environment. It can be permanently placed or easily wheeled near to a single phase domestic 240 volt socket and clean air supply, up to 9 CFM. The SE1000 is simple to load and unload and operators can be in production within a few minutes. Changeover to other size sandwich products with adjustable tooling. The Colpac SE1000 machine has simple efficient base tools that can be easily removed for both wash down and change over for other size products. With the correct dedicated tooling the SE1000 can be used for ST15, ST23 and the SP1 all with PE and PLA (Bio) window film. Suitable for the larger deli or sandwich manufacturer.

Watch how this machine works.

Code: 04/SE1000

Production Speed: up to 20ppm

Dimensions: 600x2211x1119mm

Sealing Capacity: Adjustable

Heat Seal Plate: Not Interchangeable

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